Connecticut based recording artist Patrick Phanor, exhibits the next sound of new-age rap. Being born in New York and raised in Florida and Connecticut, Patrick Phanor brings the eclectic mix of these regions  to produce a sound that resonates with multiple generations and cultures.

Patrick Phanor has opened for world-wide recording artist Wale, performed at Howard University, and has had hundreds of shows from Canada to Virginia. His voice of strength has hit international markets such as West Africa and the Caribbean and continues to grow. Patrick Phanor released his first project "Something For You" in April, 2013. His next LP, "Sorry, No Apologies..." is slated for an March 2017 release.

"All I can do is remain true to me, and give the world the best music I can possibly make. I refuse to box myself in," says Connecticut recording artist Patrick Phanor. “How my music connects to the listener is what matters to me the most. I have to connect with the people because I am the people. I am subject to the same emotions as everyone else. I've been through the ups and downs. I've had great accomplishments, I've struggled, I've taken losses just like anyone else. I am going to speak on these experiences, I am going to give you my perspective. It's only right that it comes from a pure place.”

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